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Melotte NV

Année de création: 1990 Employés: 50

Bernard Cruycke

Industrieweg 2019
B3520 Zonhoven

Téléphone: +32 11 539940www.melotte.be

Matériaux Composites, Electrotechnique, Technologies médicales

Melotte is an industrial company and pioneer in Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) assisting customers in manufacturing process transition – from prototype to high precision manufactured part – using conventional technology as well as 3D printing in metal for the manufacturing of customized industrial, medical and creative products.

The company transforms contemporary industrial activities into innovative business models based on the sustainable DDM process. In the past customers developed new products in house only. Today they prefer Melotte’s multi industry approach and expertise in the development of crossover applications and open innovation.

Melotte uses state-of-the-art technologies to reduce the amount of natural resources and energy needed in the manufacturing process. The company is realizing an environmental damage reduction of factor 8 through design optimization, 3D printing and digitized supply chain.

Since 50 years Melotte has been focusing on the development and production of precision engineered solutions for industries that place high demands on both quality of the product and manufacturing quality assurance. The company is known as a Total Solution Provider in developing complex assignments for high end technical segments of the industry by offering engineering as well as manufacturing added value and supplies prototypes, verification series and (small) production series.

Melotte develops and operates in close cooperation with an outstanding reliable team, customers and stakeholders. Together they focus on the increase of social, economic as well as ecological added value.

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