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FELUWA Pumpen GmbH

Année de création: 1901 Employés: 130 (Stand 06/2014)

Rudolf Gänsl, Markus Dönni

Beulertweg 10
D54570 Mürlenbach

Téléphone: +49 6594 10-0www.feluwa.de info@feluwa.de

Construction de machines

The FELUWA Pumpen GmbH, based in Mürlenbach /Vulkaneifel is specialized in the design, engineering, manufacturing, global distribution and servicing of pumps containing solids or the handling of critical material. The company achieved an exceptionally extensive knowledge as well as valuable experience in the field of this technology. Wherever abrasive, corrosive and toxic media are conveyed the hermetically sealed, oscillating displacement pumps of FELUWA are used.

FELUWA integrated bionics in the design and construction of unique process pumps and developed the world's first, hermetically sealed MULTISAFE double hose diaphragm pump that resembles a pulsating vein as the displacement body. Therefore the tubular diaphragms are permanently resistant to aggressive, abrasive and toxic fluids.

For the applications of industries in the main application areas of FELUWA, including mining, energy, food and chemical industries the redundant MULTISAFE technology has proven itself for years. A web-based omnidirectional- diagnosis system for continuous condition monitoring of all components and parameters ensures maximum security, availability and a long service life of the pump stations.

FELUWA is member of the ARCA Flow Group, which is one of the top 100 innovative companies in Germany, FELUWA is a global leader for process pump technology, with more than 130 employees. Proving their innovative approach, FELUWA has won numerous awards for their extraordinary company and product developments, including the "Grand Prix of the middle class" of the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation in 2010 and the Premier honorary plaque in 2013.

As part of the "TeTRRA" project, FELUWA is not only a two time host of the network meeting of the industry initiative "Metal & Machinery" and a participant of “Campus meets Companies” where several groups of students were allowed to take a look behind the factory gates, but also an authentic supporter of the project through their consistent presence on collective booths at recruitment fairs in Koblenz and Trier.

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Technology Transfer & Recruiting in Rural Areas est un projet transfrontalier dans l'Euregio Meuse-Rhin, subventionné par l'Union européenne. Treize partenaires se sont fixés comme objectif principal de stimuler le transfert de technologie entre les hautes écoles/universités, les instituts de recherche et les petites et moyennes entreprises innovantes (PME) notamment dans la zone frontière de la Belguique, de l'Allemagne et des Pays-Bas et de rallier du personnel qualifié à cette région. Plus d'informations sur www.tetrra.eu