Les entreprises

Wilhelm Hoven Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co

Année de création: 1929 Employés: 95

Rolf Hoven; Dietmar Hoven

Brockenberg 27
D52223 Stolberg

Téléphone: 0049 - 2402 965 365www.hoven.dec.goergen@hoven.de

Construction de machines

Hoven Hydraulic is a leading company in the field of Hydraulic systems, delivering customized hydraulic cylinders, power units and additional hydraulic components. Founded in 1929 and still based in Stolberg, Hoven produces on a 20,000 m² shop floor, using ultra-modern machinery and employing a team of 95 people. For years, the company's name has become a synonym for reliability and highest quality in the production process of hydraulic equipment within the Euregio Maas-Rhine.

Hoven serves a wide variety of application areas, for example plant engineering, construction machinery, mobile hydraulics and process technology that all require a strong technical expertise and international project experience. Therefore, the range of services includes design, manufacturing, installation, repairs and additional services. The permanent adjustment between technical conception and practical design thereby guarantees high quality and most reliable products.

The company designs and builds hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders according to the customers’ needs. The specialties of Hoven thereby include large cylinders up to 1200 mm piston diameter and 10 m length for the most demanding applications. In addition, Hoven has extensive expertise in the construction of cylinders and hydraulic power units (HPU) – even with ATEX certification if required.

Supplementary to the production process, the company offers an extensive repair service for its own products and external cylinders. The company’s concept "Recylindering by Hoven" provides high quality and custom-fit maintenance at the same time, guaranteeing an attractive price-quality ratio.

Through a competent, helpful and approachable service department and short decision-making the company acts “hands-on” and ensures the best performance for its customers.

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