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Vansichen Lineairtechniek

Année de création: 1993 Employés: 13

Maxime Vansichen

Herkenrodesingel 4, bus 3
B3500 Hasselt

Téléphone: +32 11 377 963www.vansichen.beinfo@vansichen.be

Construction de machines

Vansichen Lineairtechniek is a recognised trade agent for linear components and systems of more than 12 different suppliers. Over the years the activitities of Vansichen changed towards the delivery of not only the components but also multi-axial systems and robottracks. Vansichen develops linear solutions tailored to the customers need.

The company grew out of Vansichen BVBA, a trading company founded in 1993 by Maxime Vansichen, originally for the purpose of selling linear components. In 2008, the offices in Kortessem had become too small and the company moved to Hasselt.  From this location, the company’s dynamic staff is providing customers in the Euregio-Maas Rhine with rapid and efficient advice on linear guide ways. The company is a systems supplier that works on solutions with experts in the field of machine construction and linear movements.

The project department of Vansichen Linear Technology designs and builds the linear part of a machine as a complete sub-system. Ranging from a simple movement in one direction to complete multi-axis systems and robot tracks with high repetitive accuracy. Vansichen Linear technology has already built systems up to 80 m. You can count on a team of engineers that will advise the perfect solution with expertise and out-of-the-box thinking.

On top, Vansichen also invests in the development of new innovative improvements to the actual state of the technology which than can be offered to the service of his customers.

Vansichen Lineairtechniek delivers:

• Advice in regard of the best available linear components or standard solutions
• Delivery of components or systems in cooperation with linear system suppliers
• Development of tailor-made solutions for complex linear problems
• State of the art technology through investment in high-tech R&D

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