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Année de création: 1975 Employés: 209

Peter Lepper, Horst Nelles, Dietmar Weides

Julius-Saxler-Straße 7
D54550 Daun

Téléphone: +49 6592 712-0www.tpsd.deservice@tpsd.de

Automobile, Construction de machines

TPS-Technitube Röhrenwerke GmbH is a high-performance, future-oriented and privately-owned company. TechniGroup, which TPS-Technitube Röhrenwerke GmbH is part of, employs a total of 2,360 people, of which almost 660 employees are working in the Vulkaneifel region.


In 1975, the company began with the trade and export of tubular products and complementary parts. Two years later, the company’s first own production activities started and TPS entered the processing industry for tubular products. Today, TPS operates state-of-the-art production and storage facilities on a total industrial site of more than 100,000 m². Here, seamless alloyed tubes, stainless steel tubes, nickel and titanium alloyed tubes, oil field and gas feed pipes, surface extended tubes as well as special tubular products and accessories are manufactured.


With constant investments and further developments of its products, the company sets the cornerstone for a successful future and therefore is able to secure and maintain jobs. The company has been a successful supplier for the automotive industry for a while now and to an increasing extent.


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Technology Transfer & Recruiting in Rural Areas est un projet transfrontalier dans l'Euregio Meuse-Rhin, subventionné par l'Union européenne. Treize partenaires se sont fixés comme objectif principal de stimuler le transfert de technologie entre les hautes écoles/universités, les instituts de recherche et les petites et moyennes entreprises innovantes (PME) notamment dans la zone frontière de la Belguique, de l'Allemagne et des Pays-Bas et de rallier du personnel qualifié à cette région. Plus d'informations sur www.tetrra.eu