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Thomas Regout International B.V.

Année de création: 1834 Employés: 220

Mr. Kees Verspaandonk

Industrieweg 40
NL 6219 Maastricht

Téléphone: +31 43-3516682www.thomasregout.com

Construction de machines

In 1834 Thomas Regout founded the Thomas Regout Nail Factory, initially to meet the needs of Shipbuilders located throughout the Netherlands but which quickly grew into a thriving business. Within a decade the factory had evolved into a modern industrial plan. Industrialization in Maastricht is booming, and so is Thomas Regout. During the 1950’s Thomas Regout becomes the leading producer of telescopic slides; the foundation of a company with a history and a vision to be built on.

Nowadays Thomas Regout International B.V. offers a broad range of sliding solutions that help move the cistomer’s application in any direction: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The main focus is to be and to remain the best quality partner for their customers in mutual beneficial partnerships: a partnership that adds value and strengths to the customers and to the company’s development.

Thomas Regout International B.V. is a reliable and flexible partner in the Euregio Maas-Rhine who can co-design together with the customer. The company designs high quality sliding systems in their own R&D department. Incorporating the highest ISO international and environmental standards that ensure that the products and services are safe, reliable, sustainable and of high quality. With their knowledge and experience Thomas Regout helps their customers to stay far in front of the competition.

In the company’s long history Thomas Regout has been able to grow into the company it is today: a major player in the ATM, industrial, automotive and furniture markets and an upcoming supplier in the heavy duty market.

In the last few years Thomas Regout started to broaden its scope. Next to the extensive telescopic slide program the company has started to successfully develop products that can move also vertically and diagonally. In this line Thomas Regout is continuously improving the existing items and innovating new products.

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