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CareFusion | Rowa

Année de création: 1996 Employés: 341

Jean-Michel Deckers, Dr. Christian Klas, Dirk Wingenter

D53539 Kelberg

Téléphone: +49 2692 9206-0www.carefusion.com/rowarowa@carefusion.com

Technologies médicales, Construction de machines

Rowa Technologies offer solutions for automated stock handling in pharmacies and hospital dispensaries. The Rowa storage and dispensing systems store and manage medicaments like in a high-bay warehouse in random storage according to their size and height. This guarantees an optimal utilization of space. The medicaments requested at the point of sales are dispensed directly at the pharmacy sales counter using conveyor technology. The pharmacist can stay with the customer and consult him. A wide range of additional products like a fully automated inputting complete the product family.

Main target group of the products are retail pharmacies as well as mail order pharmacies and hospital dispensaries.


Today, over 4,000 Rowa systems are installed in more than 30 countries. Since August 2011, Rowa joined forces with a strong partner: Together with CareFusion, a leading medical technology company in the US, Rowa will be able in the future to offer its extensive solutions for automated stock handling in pharmacies and hospitals globally.

TeTRRA Technologyatlas | Mentions légales

Technology Transfer & Recruiting in Rural Areas est un projet transfrontalier dans l'Euregio Meuse-Rhin, subventionné par l'Union européenne. Treize partenaires se sont fixés comme objectif principal de stimuler le transfert de technologie entre les hautes écoles/universités, les instituts de recherche et les petites et moyennes entreprises innovantes (PME) notamment dans la zone frontière de la Belguique, de l'Allemagne et des Pays-Bas et de rallier du personnel qualifié à cette région. Plus d'informations sur www.tetrra.eu